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The Best.

this blog is where i share how my day just got better, but i’m always on the lookout for suggestions from friends, family, co-workers, acquaintances, and fellow bloggers about what other great things could make my day better. why consult a travel guide or publication full of advertisements when you can learn about the best of the best from the people you trust the most?

this is your time to shine. tell me about “the best” things in your life. enlighten me. pick one of the topics below or choose one of your own. send me an email at ashley {dot} gonyaw {at} gmail {dot} com to tell me about it. i’ll post it on this page and if i try it and like it, i’ll feature you in one of my blog posts. ready, set, go!

the best…
advice you’ve ever received — trip you’ve ever taken — food you’ve ever eaten
recipe you’ve ever made — wine you’ve ever tasted — blog you read daily
day of your life — memory of your childhood — movie you’ve seen
way to survive a hot day — job you’ve ever had — dream vacation
book you’ve ever read — joke you’ve ever heard — route for a road trip
way to spend a day off — easy weeknight recipe you’ve made — iphone app
series on tv — museum you’ve visited — concert you’ve been to
way to spend $20 — guilty pleasure — song to get you out of a bad mood
quote you’ve heard or read — day trip — view of the city/town you live in
charity to support — mentor you’ve had — compliment you’ve received
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