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September 12, 2011
i present to you the newest addition to my living room… the bar hutch.
(yeah, i know, it could use a better name.)


this bright beauty was the product of a craigslist search. i had been looking for a table or bar or bookshelf to set in the corner of my living room for a small bar area, mostly due to the number of wine tasting glasses i acquired on our rhode island road trip and the lack of space for them on the glass rack in the kitchen. i considered making something myself, but held out hope that i just might find something.

the hutch was listed on craigslist with measurements, but of course, i didn’t measure. i mean, what’s the fun in that? but i did rent a zipcar since it was raining, which saved me having to carry the thing back to my apartment. i would have cried. in case you haven’t figured it out, it was bigger than i imagined. but not too big to make it into the back seat of the car. phew. it just required some movement of other furniture in the apartment.

you may have also noted the bright turquoise color, which i happen to enjoy. i had been getting sick of my living room and the lack of pizzazz within it. having purchased a living room set of black tables and black leather furniture with a previous male roommate, plus having beige walls, all of the furniture pointing towards the television, and a sports photo (which i purchased and do enjoy – go red sox!) taking up one wall, the place has felt a bit like a dorm common area for a bit too long. there are some pillows here and some artwork there, but it needed a girly touch. and something to wake it up. my roommate calls the color “interesting,” but i think the hutch does the trick.

for now, the bar accoutrements are a bit sparse, but it does make a nice home for those tasting glasses, my sakonnet vineyards and boyden valley wines, and a few bar essentials. in time, i plan to add some glass racks underneath, proper drink equipment (aka a shaker), and beef up that wine selection. but for now, i’m enjoying some organization and a new pop of color in the living room.

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  1. September 12, 2011 2:32 pm

    I love the turqouise color! My husband has been building bookshelves and they are painted red, green, and yellow. The color does brighten the room a lot. Anyway, this looks amazing. -Kate

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