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September 1, 2011

i went into macy’s for one thing and came out with the deal of the summer.

i’m not a big fan of macy’s these days, but armed with a coupon for 15% off all sale and clearance items, i decided to give it a shot. turned off by the messy racks and vulture-like ladies pawing through them, i moved to the clearance shoe section, which was decidedly less intense. i came across some neutral-colored calvin klein heels in a size 9 and held onto them with fingers crossed that they would somehow fit. but i one-upped that plan by finding a size 8 – bingo! they fit my feet and they would fit the bill for the neutral colored pair of heels that i’ve been searching for this summer.


described as olive on one sticker, grey on another, and looking a little beige, either way you slice it, they’re not the typical brown or black. that, and not being the beige/taupe shoe that has been so popular lately, they don’t make me look like a ghost against my fair skin.


at 40% off the original price plus the aforementioned coupon, i figured they needed to come home with me. at the register, i was more than pleasantly surprised to find the price dropping even more… to a whopping $20.02. love it, love it, love it. plus, the price is a palindrome. does this excite anyone else? no? okay. i’m still in shoe deal heaven.

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