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August 18, 2011

central square just got a whole lot cooler.

in honor of courtney’s last day on the job in central square (cambridge), we embarked on a small neighborhood pub crawl… first stopping at the asgard, then the field. two classics. then it was time for something new: floating rock, a new cambodian restaurant and bar, right on mass ave.


we sat at the bar and got drinks from a friendly bartender named madison. the raspberry lemonade was really fresh (as in, fresh raspberries & fresh lemons) and delicious, albeit a little pulpy with the muddled lemons & berries. they had a pretty decent (bottled) beer selection too. i passed on the food, but oronde seemed to enjoy his beef stew, which looked to be served in a soup tureen instead of a standard size bowl. the restaurant was clean & new & fun… an empty space in the back turns into a home for djs or beer pong. plus, it is blessed by buddhists on a regular basis. ask them about the gatorade next to the statue of a god on the top shelf. the staff and management were friendly to boot. nothing negative to report here – a nice, new option for central square!

getting hungry, but ready to head home, courtney and i stopped on pearl street on the way to the car, in search of some take-out food that one of her co-workers had ordered one evening. although i wasn’t super hungry, it would make a good lunch for work the next day, so we headed into pepper sky’s, “a thai sensation”.


i knew i wanted noodles and thought rice noodles would do the trick, but the pad see ew caught my eye: your choice of chicken, beef, or pork. wide rice noodle wok-fried with chinese broccoli, carrot, and egg in chinese inspired sweet soy sauce. hmmm, let’s do this.

we waited only a few minutes for the food and jumped in the car in the direction of southie. it wasn’t until i was in my kitchen, spooning some of it into a bowl, that i knew that this was going to be good. and i can’t even fully explain to you how good it was. sweet, but not too sweet. perfectly cooked, wide noodles. juicy bits of chicken. lots of veggies. a-mazing. needless to say, i went to bed pleasantly full and quite a happy camper.

fast forward to lunch on monday when i realized i had more of this deliciousness awaiting me. after a quick trip to the microwave, i settled in to enjoy (read: inhale) the rest. just as wonderful the second day! so i guess i was smart to grab a menu and the reward card for my desk, perfect for rainy day takeout in the marketing department. pad see ew, i’m in love.

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