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August 13, 2011

while in vermont, i had the best pancakes from scratch and was lucky enough to be given the recipe. before taking up residence in my reading chair, i figured i would try it out. after a quick trip across the street for milk, i was ready to go… at least, i thought so. no baking soda. according to the world wide web, you can substitute baking powder (which i had) for baking soda, but not vice versa. okay, cool, let’s do this.


i combined the dry ingredients (flour, baking powder, a pinch of salt) in one bowl and the wet ingredients (eggs, milk, lemon juice, maple syrup) in another, then mixed the two (not too much) and added a handful of coconut. meanwhile, 3 tablespoons of butter was melting in the pan on the stove.


once the butter was melted, i crossed my fingers and poured the first one into the pan. pancake #1 = very buttery, flat like a crepe. let’s just throw that one out and call it the test pancake… you always have to have one of those. well, you might not, but i do. luckily, they got slightly better over time. pancake #4 was the best one.


i’d like to chock up this less-than-stellar batch to the fact that i substituted ingredients on the very first go-around. maybe not the best idea, huh? they weren’t all nice & fluffy like the ones i had last weekend and i’m pretty certain that baking powder instead of baking soda was my demise. they were, however, edible. and some sweet, sweet maple syrup (the real stuff… it was specified in the recipe that real vermont maple syrup should be used and i wouldn’t have it any other way) helped to cover up the imperfections.


the morals of the story:
get some baking soda.
vermont maple syrup makes everything taste better.
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