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August 1, 2011

it’s very rare that i find what i’m searching for if i’m shopping for something specific. so, on a sunny sunday like yesterday, i was hesitant to spend very much time in the stores downtown, knowing that i was looking for at least 5 items: a dress, a handbag, shoes, a bathing suit top and something decorative for my living room. and yet, i diverted my trip to washington street prior to heading to the sowa open market (which i didn’t make it to before closing).

i was this close to purchasing a pair of shoes on the clearance rack at macy’s, but passed. by the way, does anyone else feel like the selection at macy’s has gone way down? i moved on to tj maxx, batting zero, then to dsw, where a possible bag also stayed on the rack. not ready to give up hope yet, i picked up an energy boost at starbucks and rode the t to the arlington stop, where the mecca of all marshall’s exists on boylston street. come on, marshall’s, you’ll come through, right? and bam! so many things that i was looking for (and not looking for) that i had to whittle it down so as not to break the bank. one more stop across the street at filene’s basement and i completed the shopping trip with 3 out of 5, plus some extras!


in the apparel department, i found a black and white silk top (i’ll be able to bring this to a tradeshow in nyc this month), a turquoise, tiered ruffle tankini top (who knew that would work?), and a white and purple print dress (also for the tradeshow). and i got a teal bowl for the living room and some undergarments. bonus points!

to draw out the trip a bit longer, i headed for newbury street in search of some hibiscus tea; i tried an iced hibiscus lemongrass tea from the bon me food truck this week and needed to make it myself. lo and behold, it’s been awhile since i’ve been to newbury street… no more tealuxe! however, turning onto clarendon street, my lucky streak continued….


second food truck this week and it sells cupcakes. cha-ching! rolling the dice and taking a departure from my usual pick (mmm, mojito), i ordered one of the specials: pink lemonade. it did not disappoint. and not to spoil the surprise, but there was a fresh strawberry in the center. yum.


i strolled down boylston street, just a block or two from the boston public library, and thus, the #9 bus, which would give me a direct and air-conditioned ride to southie. although the sun was a bit hot, the weather was gorgeous and i snapped a quick photo of the john hancock tower. i love how it blends into the sky on a clear day.


i waited for the bus on the steps of the boston public library, soaking up some sun and reading the latest improper bostonian. soon, i was back in my apartment in southie, unpacking my finds, a very happy camper. another productive sunday in the books!

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