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July 28, 2011

a few more highlights from this past weekend’s boston staycation:

#1 – mul’s diner, south boston.


you get all of this for $6.95… need i say more? seriously though, you could order this (the #2 special) and split it between two people. at least, i think they’d allow that. good food, cheap prices, and usually the staff is fast and friendly (this time not so much with the friendly).

#2 – restaurant fiore, north end.

i don’t have any photos because we hadn’t eaten since the breakfast pictured above, but i’d recommend the bombolotti al forno with their signature pasta. i’m a sucker for unique looking pasta… and goat cheese. plus, i’ve now sat inside, on the roof deck, and on the patio. the weather was perfect and the food was delicious.

#3 – red sox game, fenway park.


despite the rainy start (delay of game until 9:30pm), you can’t go wrong with a trip to fenway park. goosebumps, every time. we sat in the state street pavilion seats on the first base side, safely under cover. and then my mom made friends with the greeter and we moved down to the swivel seats with the food service, wiped dry with his personal shamwow towel. though we only made it to the top of the 8th (sorry, guys), it was great to see a game, rain or not, especially with lester’s return to the mound. three cheers for staycations!



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