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July 9, 2011

just a quick post to mention three good things that came from last night.

1. courtney and i met up in kendall square to try out the (fairly) new restaurant, meadhall, which is home to a million craft beers. okay, not a million, but check out all of these taps (photo courtesy of their facebook page):


and that’s only one side of the bar. i tried otter creek’s wolaver’s wildflower wheat. it was smooth and summery, but nothing too crazy. in trying to select another, the bartender gave us some tastings, including her personal fave: kentucky bourbon barrel aged. holy crap. i wasn’t ready for a pint of it, but it was exactly as she described, so it surprised me that i enjoyed it so much. it’s aged in bourbon barrels (don’t know if you got that from the name), so it hits you with the bourbon taste and finishes with a lovely butterscotch flavor. swoon. ultimately, i went with an ommegang rare vos though.

2. next was the play, matt & ben at central square theater. written by mindy kaling (kelly on the office and brenda withers), it was the “real story” (read: fictional) behind matt damon and ben affleck’s rise to fame with good will hunting. the entire play was about 70 minutes and took place in ben’s apartment in somerville. i wish it was his actual apartment. oh how i wish. it took me a few minutes to get past the fact that the guys were played by girls (oh, did i not mention that yet?), but they did the roles justice and had me cracking up. they had themselves cracking up too – one of my favorite things about live performances. in case you want to relive the boys winning the oscar, just click here.

3. last but not least, we caught the grownup noise’s show at johnny d’s. while it was katie’s last gig (she going to pursue a ph.d in linguistics in chicago… say what?), they were amazing as always. you can listen to their music on the facebook page. listen to “carnival.” oh, and “gone is a four letter word” too.

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