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June 22, 2011

make a wish! it’s your birthday!

today i’m wishing a “happy birthday” to one of my best friends, whom i’ve known for almost 18 years. i had to stop and do some math to figure that one out. we’ve been friends since the first day of 5th grade, thanks to a game of get-to-know-your-classmates koosh. then we had played a few rounds of meet me at the mall and turned a grape into a raisin (it’s a long story) and the rest is history. though she lives in vermont and i wish she were my boston neighbor, i’m psyched that she’ll be visiting soon. she knows me (and my family, thanks to annual summer camping trips) inside and out and i can’t wait to spend some time with her.

happy birthday teacher jordan!


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  1. jordan permalink
    July 8, 2011 5:36 pm

    you just made me tear up from eighteen years of wonderful adventures, laughing fits, and memories I’ll never forget. you are amazing my dear friend. and our recent road trip rocked…even with ‘dick’ telling us where to go and when to ‘turn around when possible’ in his very ‘i know it all’ voice. I’m so glad we sometimes ignored him.
    i love you.
    keep blogging.
    it’s amazing and has just made my day sooooooo much better.

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