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June 12, 2011

in all likelihood, i will be resigning my lease for another year in september, so that’s going to require a few changes around the apartment to keep things fresh and interesting. thanks to my minor obsession with pinterest, i’ve come across many diy projects and design inspiration that could do the trick. currently, my living room houses very basic decor, an attempt to stay fairly neutral for the male roommates who have shared the space, but i’m kind of over it. bring on the bright colors and fun accents. and so i present my tentative plan for the next few weeks….


the color palette: turquoise and red with yellow accents (plus blacks, whites and neutrals).

i’d like to incorporate a print of boston that i currently have displayed on the wall, which is red and white, and i had seen a lot of turquoise and red or turquoise and yellow color palettes, so why not combine the two? the goal is also to offset the black leather furniture that seems to take over the room and girly it up a bit. sorry, roomie!

project #1 – paint the top (or everything but the top) of the black coffee table with a light turquoise. the inspiration:



and then there are my ugly lamps. they came with the living room set and i’ve always hated them. they have tapered large white lampshades and glass bases. project #2 – spice them up by stenciling or spraypainting a neutral pattern, or maybe covering them with a neutral fabric, similar to:



next up, accessories and wall decor. project #3 – make a sunburst mirror out of paint sticks, add pillows (to the existing tan ones with red flowers) and paint some vases (to display on a floating white shelf with some photos).





top that off with a neutral flatwoven area rug and i think i should be good to go. if you have done or seen anything else that might fit in, let me know!

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  1. shire permalink
    June 13, 2011 7:55 am

    oh i think these look like amazing ideas!! Easy and very doable!! maybe we could do a project next week 🙂

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