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June 11, 2011

it’s that time of year that i realize just how quickly summer is getting away from me and that i should jump on making some of my warm-weather plans before we start to brace ourselves for snow again. yeah, i went there, didn’t i? thus, the blogging has been limited in the past week or so. but, i’m back to recap some of the highlights.

i’ll start with last week’s milestone weekend: my 5 year college reunion at emerson. we ventured to the president’s breakfast at 9am, with a little help of caffeine from dunks. it was held in the gym (yes, emerson has a gym now) at piano row, part of their move to the “campus on the common.” court and i were two of a handful of ’06 graduates and listened to speeches from the alumni board and jackie, who is stepping down as president. after poking around a bit, we ventured to charles street.


a trip to pinckney nails resulted in pedicures (tropical punch is my new summer favorite) and manicures, which a week later are still in good shape. then it was time for the perfect lunch at the sevens: tuna melt (with potato salad and a pickle) and a pint of sam summer. one of the best dive bars in boston.

then it was back to campus for a tour, where we bumped into some other 2006-ers in town for the festivities. the tour itself was rather disappointing for those of us who had graduated recently, but i finally got to see what is hidden in the emerson library… the set of will & grace, a donation from the show’s creator and emerson graduate, max mutchnick.


after a wardrobe change in preparation for the bruins game, i headed back downtown for an nkotbsb ticket swap then grabbed a beverage at the north star before a train ride to malden for dinner, drinks and hockey with the garvey duo. well, let me tell you… malden, you win hidden gem of the day.


i don’t ride the orange line that much, but i would to visit district 7 more often. we had delicious meals (special of the day: pasta bolognese), delicious beverages (magic hat #9!), there are tvs in all of the right places to catch a game, the decor is tastefully done, there’s a fireplace, the bathrooms are clean, it’s a short walk from the t (malden center stop) and the owners are fantastic (tom came over to chat, shook my hand, asked me how my meal was… customer service is always the kicker). i’m a fan and i’ll be going back. thanks meg & brian!

so that was day one of the busy weekend/week.

some other tidbits from the rest of it:

  • the bruins are still in the running. we’re not talking about last night yet, but we are laughing at this joke: what time is it? twelve past luongo!
  • dance central is the bomb and i am proud to know this routine pretty much by heart.
  • did you know?: magic hat’s summer beer “wacko” is colored with beet juice. the jury is still out on whether it tastes like beets, but it’s a pretty tasty summer beer choice.
  • words with friends is beyond addicting.
  • perfect friday lunch break: le cordon bleu's restaurant technique. 3-course lunch = $15. 5-course dinner = $15. no, i’m not kidding. it’s on first street in cambridge… you should probably go.

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