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May 23, 2011

the qualifications: like to eat, willing to attempt to cook.

every couple of weeks or so, courtney, aaron and i have gathered at my apartment, usually on sunday nights, to cook and eat a small feast of yummy food… hence, yum yum club. the goal is to cook more of our own food, particularly healthier food. while we haven’t really mastered the healthy thing, we do always have some sort of vegetables. and in the process, we usually save some money, have some laughs and catch one of the games on tv until we have retreated into a food coma and the yawning starts to set in.

last week’s menu consisted of cheese tortellini with philadelphia cooking creme in italian herb and cheese, peppers and pea pods. oh, and bread. we can’t forget the bread.


this week’s menu consisted of a menagerie of items: chicken pie, a medley of vegetables, american chop suey (which put aaron on the map as head chef whenever requested), pink lemonade and peanut butter cup brownie bites. per usual, delicious. i’m STILL full.

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