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May 22, 2011

well, the world didn’t end and instead, the rain stopped and verizon gave me the gift of a new phone. it made for a pretty great saturday. after the quickest and easiest phone upgrade ever, i headed down to the greenway to sit in the sun (and obsess over my iphone… what? you would too!).


then it was off to city hall for a blast from the past. hard rock’s 40th anniversary memorabilia tour was in town with a few good people from the corporate office… and my red-headed adopted grandmother (her words), rita gilligan.


rita was one of the first waitresses for hard rock when it opened in london and since then she has become an ambassador for the brand. i think she’s fantastic and yesterday she recognized me immediately, but then i let her in on the news that i’m no longer with hard rock. from there, it was off to castle island for lunch in the sun at sully’s.


we got in line just before a big push and i reminded myself that i would need to remember my number. luckily, i got an easy one this time: 100. what are the odds? i felt like there should have been some confetti and noisemakers or something. for those of you not from the area, sully’s (well, technically, sullivan’s ) is one of the greatest places ever. it’s best on a sunny day, unless you want to eat in your car. there is almost always a line, but they have a system down to a tee and as long as you remember your number, you’ll get your food quickly. the prices can’t be beat (you can get a feast for way under $10) and there is somehow always seating at the tables outside… or on one of the benches around the island. i’ve found that you can’t ever really be in a bad mood while you’re there. in fact, i don’t think i’ve ever seen anyone unhappy in the vicinity of sully’s. and there are tons of cute dogs that accompany their owners, so dog envy is a given.

next up, there was the bruins game. the first period and patrice bergeron were amazing… but that’s where i’ll stop. looking for a win on monday. later, i made my way downtown to sit in the common… where i messed around with the instagram app and got a sunburn after 30 minutes in partial shade. impressive, right?


after meeting up with miss laura owen, we stopped into teatro for some drinks, appetizers (i’d recommend their calamari and mozzarella with roasted red peppers) and catching up. then it was time for a trip to the movies (thanks, livingsocial ticket deal that i forgot about) to see bridesmaids.


i had no idea that it was rated “r” and it definitely lived up to that rating, but i also happened to laugh my a$$ off. kristin wiig, maya rudolph and melissa mccarthy stole the show. i was in hysterics, even over some of the more… shall we say graphic?… scenes in the movie, like in the bridal boutique. you could probably enjoy it just as much from your couch, but if you’re looking to laugh, i’d go ahead and see it on the big screen. top that all off with a little j. timberlake and gaga on snl and it shaped up to be a pretty great day.

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