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May 19, 2011

i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again… i live near the best dunkin’ donuts on the planet. does dunkin’ have the strongest coffee out there? no. do i think america runs on dunkin’? a little extreme. new england runs on dunkin’. but the thought of moving makes me a little sad because the DD on west broadway is just that good. the service is speedy, the iced coffees are consistent, they give you a styrofoam cup so you don’t have a puddle of condensation on your desk (and yes, i know that this isn’t so environmentally friendly, but oh well).

erin, the manager, is superb. she knows what i drink and often has it ready as i’m arriving at the counter. yesterday, she was training a new employee and had to let her practice. when the new girl handed me my coffee, i asked if i could have a styrofoam cup, at which point, erin turned around, looked at the coffee then at the girl and said “you shouldn’t hand her a cup with coffee all over it like that. most of these people are going to work. it’s our job to get dirty, not theirs.” see? awesome.

today, erin asked me if i had received one of their new punch cards and i hadn’t. she realized i had been in yesterday, punched it twice and handed over my new “buy 6 medium coffees, get 1 free” card. score!


for someone who enjoys getting an iced coffee on saturdays and sundays on a regular basis, but who sometimes errs on the side of convenience and waits to get a coffee with an employee discount at the pseudo-starbucks at work, this just upped my dunkin’ loyalty instantly. it may be a chain, but the west broadway dunks plays to their neighborhood fans and just found another way to keep us coming back for more. know your customers, people.

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