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May 15, 2011

1. my first red sox game of the season – this thursday! court and i got tickets to the tweet up. $30 tickets, bud deck, t-shirt, food credit… don’t mind if i do.
2. i saw a puppy that looked just like this outside dunkin’ and i almost stole it.
3. t minus 6 days until my two year contract is up and i get one of these babies.
4. thanks to my curly-haired friend lindsay, i have rediscovered just how good paul mitchell hair products smell. plus, i get a good laugh when i put it in my hair, thinking of ed’s hair scrunch demonstration.
5. this is a fortune that i kept. i like to think that it’s true.
6. hello camelbak groove. i upgraded from a normal camelbak to one with a built-in water filter. it’s pretty awesome. did you know that in a recent study, people drank up to 24% more water with a camelbak than other reusable and disposable bottles?
7. the most recent meeting of the yum yum club was a smashing success, in large part to philadelphia cooking creme. try the italian cheese & herb, it’s delish. we cooked some tortellini and a medley of frozen vegetables (peppers and pea pods) and added this in. we had seconds.
8. zumba! i’m addicted. robin teaches on mondays at dance world on broadway in southie. you should come.
9. i don’t care that the weather is rainy, it’s warm enough for me to commute in flip flops. i have more flip flops than a person should. my favorites are the ones from jcrew. mine have pink and brown straps though.

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  1. Stacey permalink
    May 17, 2011 8:06 am

    I love this post!! Congrats on the iPhone you’re going to looove it!!

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