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May 8, 2011

it is very rare that i would turn down an invitation to brunch, much less a brunch with some of my favorite people, so when a facebook invite circulated with a plan of hitting up the friendly toast in cambridge, i voted “yes” in a heartbeat.

the weather was gorgeous… what may is supposed to be like. i woke up a little late and when courtney texted me to offer a ride, the day was already looking to be better than good. plus, she asked if i wanted an iced coffee. do i?!?! yes, please. let me tell you, getting into a car and being handed a perfectly made iced coffee is heaven. frankly, if i could get a chaffeur, an iced coffee fetcher and someone to do my laundry, i’d be a very happy girl. (wash, dry & fold by suds laundry, a couple doors down, isn’t a bad plan b.)

windows down, music up, we drove over to kendall square and found parking right in front of restaurant. score. we cemented our plans to do a square crawl at 1 kendall square (home to tommy doyle’s, cambridge brewing company and the blue room, in addition to the friendly toast). plus 4. even though there was a 45-60 minute wait, we got to sit in the sun. points for warmth and freckles. more great friends joined us. yes! and then ed gave a full-on theatrical performance of how lindsay gets her hair to curl perfectly each morning, which left us hysterical.

thank goodness for all of these lovely things, because the wait was long and the loudspeaker is a tease – every announcement seemed like it was starting to say “ashley, party of 6.” but then, after all of that waiting, we were in. and no, the service wasn’t great, which we expected. but there is quite a selection of things to look at and a menu that will have you going back and forth between what looks awesome and what looks even better. i ordered the sunrise scramble and snapped a before shot:


i kid you not when i describe the scene. one waitress dropped a tray stand near the table. could it be??? courtney spotted it first and we all turned in anticipation to watch the waitress walk from the kitchen to the stand with a tray of breakfast entrees. i think we might have held our breath. mind you, it was at least 12:30pm and we arrived at 11:00 – food was very much on our minds at that point. as the plates were dropped, we either grinned or sighed or remarked about the deliciousness sitting in front of us. and then… SILENCE. save for a few mmm’s, we had one mission and it did not involve speaking. it was pretty hilarious to say the least. and well worth the wait. if you know that you won’t be expecting great service or speed and you’re okay with that, i highly recommend that you get yourself to a seat at the friendly toast, especially for brunch. you’ll be a little too full and happy about it.


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