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May 3, 2011
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exhausted after a long day and yet another overtime hockey game, i came home last night to find a large envelope in my mailbox that concealed this:


thanks zagat! you actually kept your promise. long ago, i found myself on their website and they were accepting reviews of restaurants for their upcoming guide. if you contributed, you would be sent a free copy of the guide, essentially a big ol’ list of yummy places to visit. for a girl who loves lists and loves getting mail, this was a great surprise. summer dining… commence!

and while we’re on the topic of lists, i’ve got more. yep. the other day, i discovered pinterest and requested an invitation to join. basically, you can “pin” photos of things that you find interesting while you’re surfing the internet and have them all show up in one place. it makes one big virtual inspiration board that you can divide up by topic and share. others can pin the things they find on your board. for someone who watches phantom gourmet on the weekends to type her favorites finds in the restaurant list in her phone and hears songs while out & about that are typed into a phone list too, this is kind of perfect. beware, you can pin a night away and may need to impose time limits.

last but not least, there’s listography where you can again store lists (no photos here) and categorize them. i’ve started a running log of restaurants in neighborhoods around the city, recipes (that one is a little lacking) and fun places to go. comes in handy to look up on your blackberry when your blackberry randomly erases whatever it wants and turns off abruptly. breathe in, breathe out… i have 18 days until verizon forks over my two-year discount for a new phone!

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