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April 30, 2011

after a 7-3 bruins win (!), it was safe to go to the grocery store. so gorgeous outside. if mother nature is taking requests, i would like to formally ask for weather just like today, within 10 degrees either way and a little more sun, for the rest of the spring, summer and fall. it’s not a lot to ask. anyway, back to groceries. i spent some time on foodgawker prior to heading out and found a few good (healthier) recipes to try this week, including coconut sweet potato soup, coconut scones with lemon glaze (okay, maybe not so healthy), turkey stuffed peppers and turkey burgers. and then this little gem caught my eye:


i discovered my love for figs at hard rock cafe, of all places. we had an event menu that included balsamic fig & goat cheese flatbreads and if they were on the menu (which they often were if i was creating it), i would make frequent trips through the kitchen to make sure they were up to par. i never really expected to find them at stop & shop, especially in the sub par southie location, but… there they were!

if i’m at a restaurant and there’s an item with figs on the menu, i order it. some of favorites have included a fig & arugula crostini at central kitchen (the menu always changes, so you won’t find it online, but they have a pretty great playlist on their website, so check it out), a salad i once had at the fireplace (their menu is seasonal, so you won’t find it now, but you will find a bartender named oronde if you’re lucky… sure, there is a little bias in that statement, but seriously, his drinks are fantastic) and the prosciutto pizza at anthem (they have this on their menu regularly, but ask to add goat cheese).

lucky for me, it was dinner time when i returned back to my apartment, so i got to work on the stuffed peppers, adapting this recipe. i had heard all sorts of good things about quinoa and purchased some a few weeks ago, but hadn’t found any recipes i wanted to try and had been warned that it wasn’t a particularly exciting dish on its own. so instead of the rice in this recipe, i substitued quinoa. i also adjusted the amounts because i was cooking one pepper (2 halves… you can fit more filling if you cut the peppers in half). i nixed the avocado and used plain greek yogurt in lieu of sour cream. they were easy to prep and cook and surprisingly tasty. here’s a snapshot before i dug in:

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