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April 30, 2011
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i was pleasantly surprised to find the rolling stone with @officialadele on the cover at CVS. once i realized that she was featured, i thought it would be too close to the new issue to grab it in store. you might say i have a minor obsession with her latest album “21”, much like i did with the first. i can play it straight through, then again on repeat, then on shuffle. i’m sure you’ve heard it by now. if you haven’t, you’re committing a crime. don’t tell me about it, just go get the cd. or i’ll give you a copy (in that case you would have to tell me, wouldn’t you?). at any rate, it’s life changingly good. and her interviews are nearly as interesting, mainly because she’s a snarky, no-holds-barred kind of girl. i had the pleasure of seeing her at the orpheum (for free! now unheard of, but her performance is worth every penny) about a year or so ago. a before-they-were-stars kind of experience.

an adele post wouldn’t be complete without some musical accompaniment, now would it? rolling in the deep isn’t my #1 favorite song on the record, but it is damn good. i think the video is spot on. the dancer and the water glasses and the dishes and the drummer in the corner near the stairs. i thought it was odd that she was sitting down the whole time, but she does a lot of performances seated, so what do i know? for your listening pleasure…

*originally posted april 29th.

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