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2011: Listed.

if you’ve been reading up on how my day just got better, you might have noticed that i’m a fan of lists. however, i’m not a fan of resolutions. resolutions seem so finite and intimidating, so lately, i’ve created a list of things to do over the course of a year. in 2010, i wrote the list on a piece of paper. now that we’re on to 2011 and i have a blog, perhaps listing it here will help me get a few more of the items accomplished… and maybe someone else will be interested in accomplishing them too and come along for the ride. thus, in no particular order, here is the list of 2011:

1. go to zumba or yoga once a week.
so far, so good. i found a dance studio (in southie!) and started zumba classes. the class is rather inconsistent, so a new option may be in order. maybe i’ll get certified to teach zumba? we’ll see.
2. learn to be a better cook.
check out my yum yum club posts and you’ll see that i’m trying, but the cuisine still has a bit to be desired. seasoning, cooking meat and fish, and being more creative with my menu are next on the lesson plan.
3. learn to ski.
after 26 years, i did it! of course, it was at the end of the season, so i will wait impatiently until this winter to give it another go. but i’ve very proud to have graduated from bunny slopes and the magic carpet to the ski lift and green hills.
4. take a trip via airplane (not to florida).
i’m heading to new york and new jersey later this month, but i’m taking a train. texas is in 2012. hmm, where to go?
5. go skating at the frog pond.
complete! only took me 8 years in boston to do that. and miraculously i didn’t fall down. although i didn’t skate too fast either.
6. take regular breaks from the internet.
this one i need to work on. becoming the proud owner of an iphone didn’t help the situation. however, i did stop checking my work email from home. a huge step… and a great change.
7. get a new job.
speaking of my job, i found out about a new gig, applied, interviewed, and got it! it was time to minimize my work-life stress and get a little more balanced.
8. read before bed instead of watching tv.
not baaaaad, if i can be so bold. it started with “black mass”, then “how we decide”, followed by “an italian affair”, and now i’m on to “ben & jerry’s double dip” for the vermonter in me.
9. drink at least one bottle of water per day.
i heart my camelbak water bottles. now the goal is two per day.
10. send mail to friends.
i love sending and receiving mail, so i’m making a conscious effort to do it more.
11. be thankful, be positive.
basically the reason why this blog started.
12. explore life from behind a lens.
i did well on my recent roadtrip with fellow photography buddy, jordan. i hope i’m on a roll.
13. complete diy projects (one of them will be painting my bedroom).
as you may have read, i have an idea of which projects to tackle, but haven’t quite started. but then shire sent me a link to the pinterest challenge on young house love. given my addiction to pinterest, it sounds like a great way to light a fire under my butt. i think the first project will be a small version of this for the living room. oh, and bedroom paint colors are picked out with landlord approval granted. let’s wait until a less-humid month though, shall we?
14. learn more about red wine.
i’m good in the white department – love it. expanding my palette through pinot noir (i’ve learned that oregon has some good ones). let the “learning” commence!
15. bake at least one recipe a month to share at work.
i like to bake. co-workers like baked goods. i should not eat a whole pan of cupcakes. right? right.
16. find a better eating/fitness plan that works for me and make it a habit.
this one needs work. but my diet has many fewer burgers and fries now that i’m not working in a restaurant!
17. teach myself html (and css as a bonus).
i’ve learned the basics… what you see is a product of working towards that goal. now it’s time to get fancy.

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